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Women Center Stage: Director’s Weekend

Premiere of QUAKE, a multimedia operetta.

Description: In 2010, 7 out of 10 senior executives in the United States were white men. One day, a female colleague presents a pitch to her team and a board of executives for a new product line. As her presentation begins, a 4.0 magnitude earthquake hits.

The building begins to shake. Chaos. Evacuation. The men rise to flee. This woman does not. She continues presenting.

The room: torn, afraid, suspended. The woman continues forth with her slides. A man changes his career... and what else?

A Natural Disaster, a fight for a system that subsumes and disregards ones corporeality, the suspension of reality through performance, persistence and power, high stakes gambling. Music, media and subversive queer joy... The story re-calibrates and investigates the narrative of victimization of women, specifically women of color in the the subtle and deadly politicized mechanization of corporate america.


Director: Kate Bergstrom

Co-writer: Octavia Chavez-Richmond

Composer + Performer: Martim Galvâo

Digital Poet + Performer: Todd Anderson

Soprano + Performer: Olivia Miller

Singer + Performer: Oriana Lada

Performer: Matt Lytle

Earlier Event: June 24
SPLICE Institute 2018
Later Event: February 7
Live=>Coding Music;